pool safety

electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

Have GESA conduct a safety check if you are unsure.



GESA now also provides an annual service for the testing of smoke alarms and safety switches (RCDs) in all domestic, commercial and industrial situations. This will protect e.g. landlords, and their investment and tenants.
Smoke alarm maintenance is governed by both State and Federal regulation. Any person or body cooperate who does not comply may be guilty of an offence and the old “I did not know” will not stand a chance in a court of law. Any person or PCBU has a duty of care and must comply at all stages with current legislation.
As GESA is a licensed electrical company, we can test, maintain and service RCDs and 240V smoke alarms. It is mandatory to install RCDs to all new circuits in all properties and buildings. Smoke alarms must also be installed and maintained. Did you know that all smoke alarms have a limited life of generally 10 years before they must be properly disposed off and replaced with current standard compliant units?
Landlords have a duty of care for their tenants and the SA Government states that RCDs shall be tested as per current AS3760. Remember RCDs provide protection against injuries caused by electrocution and can prevent fires.
Many of the fatalities caused by electricity could have been prevented if a RCD was installed. Yet nearly 50% of all elderly homes are not protected.
Many injuries in house fires could have been prevented too if a working smoke alarm was installed.
Remember to replace the back-up battery of a smoke alarm yearly. If your alarm is 10 years old, give GESA a call on 0402 090 070 or use our online form to book a check and possible replacement of your smoke alarm. It could safe your life, the life of your children and your beloved family pet.
For $165 GESA will install a standard 240V smoke alarm and show you how to test your safety switch. What a bargain considering what is at stake.
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