pool safety

electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

Have GESA conduct a safety check if you are unsure.


8 Hot Tips for Saving Money and Power

There is a range of things YOU can do to save power at home.

  1. Turn off appliances at the powerpoint. Standby power can be around 5-10% of the average power bill. 
  2. Turn off lights once you leave a room. Motion sensors can help to automate this process.
  3.  Install energy-efficient lighting. Old incandescent bulbs should be replaced with LED globes. These are more energy efficient and last longer. Lamps should also be used instead of room lights when possible, such as when reading in bed.
  4.  Be cautious the thermostat. 1 degree difference on your thermostat can make a difference of 5% in your power bill. Wearing a jumper in winter and aiming for moderate cool instead of freezing in summer can help save a fortune in air conditioning costs.
  5.  Avoid electric radiators. These are much less efficient than reverse cycle air conditioners or even better gas heating. Plus electric radiators can pose a fire danger too.
  6.  Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners in summer.
  7.  Turn you Hot Water Service to 60deg instead of 75.
  8.  Use GESA’s Home Automation System with Z-Wave and be in control ALL THE TIME.

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