pool safety

electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

Have GESA conduct a safety check if you are unsure.


5 Must have safety products for your home

1) Safety Switches

Safety switches (RCDs) prevent electrocution in the event of an electrical fault. They cut the power within a fraction of a second when needed. Safety switches must be installed by an electrical contractor and tested every six months using the test button. If the switch does not trip during testing there is a problem, CALL GESA IMMEDIATELY.
If your switch trips in between, there is likely a problem with the last appliance used in the home. We can assist even over the phone on the right action for you.

2) Circuitbreakers

Make sure you have circuitbreakers installed in lieu of old-fashioned fuses. No more fiddling in the dark with fuse wire, a much safer alternative.

3) Surge Protection

You sit at home and watch your favorite TV show and your TV goes blank. A surge entered your wiring from the outside and blew up your precious electronic devices, like TV’s or computer’s.
Money spend wisely on a decent powerboard with guaranteed insured protection works only for what you plugged into this powerboard. What about the fridge, microwave, your tablet?
Have GESA install surge protection to your electrical switchboard and protect THE WHOLE INSTALLATION.

4) Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms need to be installed on each level of the home and into each hallway serving bedrooms. They also must be interconnected, meaning that once one goes off, so do all others. Photoelectric smoke alarms are todays standard and detect visible smoke and should be installed everywhere.

5) Safety plugs

You are a good parent and observe your children, especially the very young ones, at all times. Yet, you have no super powers and cannot be there all the time. That is when safety plugs come handy. Safety plugs cover power points, stopping young children from inserting objects into them and risking electrocution. They should be placed on all unused power points in the home.
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GESA is established since 2005 and we are the electrical experts using quality parts only. We are fully insured and know how to protect you and your loved ones from electric shock, regardless if you are in a domestic, commercial or industrial situation.
Our maintenance team can upgrade your switchboard and fit safety switches and surge protection. Our trusted brands are Clipsal, Hager and Schneider and we fit those from the northern suburbs to the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.
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