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electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

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Proper Wiring Insulation is a Matter of Life and Death

Why a wiring inspection could save your life.

Electrical wiring must be installed to the Industry Standard AS3000. This standard gets regularly updated to comply with current issues and YOUR SAFETY in mind. There is a new standard being released later in the year and we are currently working under AS3000 2010 Amendment 2.

Your wiring would have been installed to the standard at that time and is likely partly or completely covered by insulation.
As time passes, insulation can be worn down or eaten away by pests. The wearing away of insulation has been responsible for many house fires and electrocutions and needs to be addressed right away.
Old wiring can often become brittle, exposing the copper wire inside. High temperatures can also cause carbonization, which allows current to leak from the wires. You can see some of the effects with “green stuff” oozing out of lights or switches.
As a rule of thumb, homes that are over 30 years old should have their wires inspected as a matter of urgency to ensure they are in good working order. Thermal insulation used in homes can also cause wires to overheat and degrade, posing a serious risk to residents.
You may have heard of the dangers caused by improper installed downlights causing numerous fires.
GESA has a comprehensive checklist, which we use to CHECK YOUR WIRING IS SAFE.
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