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electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

Have GESA conduct a safety check if you are unsure.


Why is GESA a Trustworthy Electrician?

As a valued client you must be careful when choosing your electrician, according to build.com.au. The worst case scenario would be that an under-qualified worker does a poor job that results in injury or even death.

When choosing your electrician you must to consider what kind of work is being done, where your electrician is located and whether they are licensed and reliable. Rest assured that all staff at GESA is not only licensed, but also fully insured. We also hire our own apprentices and make sure they are trained to our standard, which we set much higher than industry average.
Here in Australia, most electrical work beyond changing a light bulb or operating an appliance needs to be carried out by an electrician.
It is important to ensure that any electrician that is hired to do work has an electrical license. Most states require those running businesses to be registered as an electrical contractor.
GESA has been operating since 2005 and our experience is your GUARANTEE.
We also shall provide compliance certificates for any work we do. This confirms that the work has been completed in accordance with state regulation and is SAFE TO USE.
One way to improve your chances of getting a good electrician is to rely on recommendations from other contractors and get several quotes before settling on one and that is why GESA is so successful.
DO NOT COMPROMISE and call us today for an OBLIGATION FREE quote in your place.
Remember here at GESA we are The Technicians That Set The Standard