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Which Jobs Require an Electrician?

Which Jobs Require an Electrician?

Generally, any electrical work beyond changing a light bulb needs to carry out by a qualified electrician according to the Electricity Act 2010.
Australia appears to become a DIY nation with nearly all TV stations showing renovation shows without pointing out that the consequences of doing illegal electrical work can be deadly. House fires and electrocution are a genuine risk and not openly discussed on such shows.
ALL electrical work must be carried out to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2010. This standard is very strict and helps protect people and their property, which at the end of the day are you and your family.
Once you are confident that calling in a qualified electrician is the only safe solution, remember that any electrical work that an electrician completes must come with a compliance certificate. It’s important to not engage a contractor who refuses to provide this or show their electrical license.
Electrical installations can involve connecting to an energy supplier, such as with new homes. In this case there may be an inspection of the home wiring as well as the connection to the power grid.
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