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Security lights

Security lights and infrascans

Why would you need a sensor light?

We are always looking for ways to improve the safety and security of our homes and our families. 
Basic fact is that a burglar is looking for an easy and unassuming way into our homes and offices. 
That is exactly why security lighting is such a cost-efficient method to deter unwanted guests.

Security lights

One of the main benefits of security lights is that they give the impression some is at home (even if you are out for the night) and are an unfavourable attention-drawer for burglars or thieves creeping around.
A thief’s goal is to remain as discreet and inconspicuous as possible, so the sudden impact of security lighting creates a riskier situation and that is something these cowards do not want to face!

Safety at night

Security lighting is not only great for deterring thieves, but also for the general safety for you or friends coming and going. 
Would it not be great if lights are on when coming home at night. With a security light you can turn on an outside light allowing you are returning teenagers to navigate your way through the gate, up the driveway, and into the front door.   

Sensor lighting

Do you always leave an outdoor light on when you leave the house to deter criminals, but often find we end up burning way too much electricity?
Or say you are heading out for an afternoon wedding that is being held a few hours away in country South Australia like the Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale.  You are aiming to leave the house after lunch for a two-hour drive with friends, and assume you won’t be home until at least midnight. If you are leaving a security light on from the moment you leave the house, you are wasting hours worth of electricity, regardless if you are using energy efficient LED or conventional lighting.
So while you might be grateful for that light when you get home in the dark of the night, you are not so grateful when you get your power bill. 
So what is the solution? Sensor lighting!

Motion lighting

Sensor lighting, also referred to as motion lighting or passive infrared activated lighting, is activated only when movement is detected. 
This is really great for when you are arriving home at night and need to find your house key or when friends and family come over; as soon as anyone begins approaching your home, motion is detected, the sensor responds, and a light comes on.  
Sensor lighting is a sustainable and beneficial safety mechanism for your home. Typical lighting types include your porch lights or even floodlights to cover a larger area.

Fibaro Motion Sensor

A Fibaro motion sensor has to be one of the most technological advanced sensors on the market today.

One of the advantages is that it is not "limited" to turn on lights, but can also send you a notification on your smart phone, tablet or even Apple Watch if the sensor catches movement. 

We will tell you in another blog of more of these features

Security lights


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