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electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

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How safe is your electrical switchboard?

Is your switchboard failing?

The electrical system in your home or at work is made up of complex circuits and wiring that connects all your devices and fittings to the main switchboard.

With nearly everything we buy these days having a cable attached, may it be mains powered or USB, having a functional switchboard and safety on our circuits is crucial.

From the main switchboard away, there may be sub-boards (or load centers as we sparkies sometimes call them) as well as circuit breakers, safety switches and surge protectors. They all serve the same purpose, providing you a safe power source to your home or work.

Once you are planning to improve your electrical situation with a new socket or another light point, it is important to know that your current system is safe to move forward.

Did you know that every final sub circuit in a domestic home must be on a safety switch? Yes, that includes the lights any new aircons and even the hot water service. So the moment you want this new improved light over your dining table, you may need to do some work on your electrical switchboard.

Just remember, these works can only be carried out by a licensed electrician, like GESA - the electricians of choice in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Need an award winning electrician to take a look at your switchboard?

Your switchboard does more than power your home, though. It can also immediately cease your electrical supply if it detects a faulty electrical item in your home. But what if your switchboard is failing?

If you are concerned about the safety at your your switchboard, call a trusted electrician for immediate support.
As we know, faulty electrical devices can lead to electrocution or fire, so it is imperative you call for help at swiftly. Call the GESA Electrical team on 0882848593 or send us a message using this link https://go.servicem8.com/request_booking?uuid=3b7f7555-5c6b-4d2b-a9d4-6c457b3f2bbb

​Common causes and reasons of a faulty switchboard

You cannot see, but you can certainly feel and it. Trust me it hurts, a lot. That’s why electricity is interchangeably used with the term ‘power.’ 

Even if you have surge protectors and circuit breakers, sometimes installed, faulty switchboards can go unnoticed. In fact, the average homeowner probably doesn’t think about electricity except in two instances: 

- When they receive their power bill, and 

- When their power goes out!

If your electrical supply is constantly being interrupted, or if your lights and devices are tripping, it could be due to any of the following:

- Old wiring design 

- Overloading your switchboard

Old wiring Design

Old and damaged wiring inside your home could be one reason why your switchboard fails.Think about how many more electrical devices you have plugged in at home than you did when you were a kid. From larger televisions, computers, gaming consoles, to phones and laptops, technology has evolved tremendously.

And as such, old wiring in old homes can be outdated and struggle to meet today’s modern electrical demands.

Overloading your switchboard

Related to the above point, simply overloading your meterboard places extreme strain on your entire system.

Your home’s circuit is designed to accommodate a certain electrical load from all types of devices and appliances. It is imperative to ensure that the system your equipment is connected to can accomodate the amount of power it needs to safely and effectively allow the flow of electricity.

If the system demands more power, it can lead to overloading, which can throw your switchboard into chaos. More often than not, power will shut down as the system struggles to meet the demand, however in certain circumstances, it can also trigger an electrical fire. Periodic inspections of your premises by a licensed electrician will help safeguard your system and allows us to spot small issues or concerns before they magnify. 

Be a smart consumer of electricity: get your switchboard checked yearly, and if you’ve got any gut feel, call a licensed electrician now!When to fix your switchboard

A faulty switchboard is an urgent matter and requires the immediate attention of an experienced electrician.Our local electricians in Adelaide are specially trained to identify faults and provide repairs for all your switchboard concerns.

Engage a licensed electrician

Accidents happen, and one of the biggest causes of domestic electrical accidents are due to homeowners simply not treating electricity with the respect and care it warrants.

Engaging a certified electrician to fix your switchboard or identify any issues is vital to the success of safely restoring your electrical system.

According to the Electricity Act, doing your own electrical work is actually illegal. The DIY=DIE campaign is a sobering reminder of the dangers of electricity, particularly when you think you can do it yourself.

Choose GESA experienced electricians in Adelaide

GESA Electrical - Data - Security offers rapid-response, electrical services across the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Emergencies such as a faulty switchboard cannot wait until the next week.

When we say “experienced electrician”, we mean it: call us anytime of the day and anytime of the year to speak to a licensed and qualified electrician. 

Why choose GESA?

GESA Electrical has been established for more than 15 years, delivering safe and effective solutions to commercial properties and domestic homes.

Our clients become loyal repeat customers as we turn up when we say we will, are courteous and friendly, and get the task done right the first time.

Our company serves customers all over the norther suburbs of Adelaide, and in additional to maintenance, are skilled in the following specialist tasks:

- Construction and electrical fit-outs

- National Broadband Network installation in your home

- Data cabling

- Home security installation (CCTV cameras)

In short, if there is a wire attached, there is a chance we can help!

For further inquiries on switchboard replacement, repair, and other electrical services, feel free to call us on 82848593 or send us a message on https://go.servicem8.com/request_booking?uuid=3b7f7555-5c6b-4d2b-a9d4-6c457b3f2bbb and we will figure out solutions for your electrical and data needs.

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