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Antenna Install Virginia

Antenna installation by the experts

The other day we got asked if we do antenna installations in Virginia? 

The answer was of course yes. Being the local electrician, we know the area very well and have installed numerous antennas in Virginia and the surrounding areas with great success. 

The next question baffled us. “Can you install the antenna  inside our tin roof?”. 

The answer here was a clear No. Not only is it bad practice, chances are the colorbond shields the signal and you have years of problems with bad reception coming up. To install an antenna inside a tiled roof can often work and we get the idea of aesthetics, yet, it is reception you are after and we want to provide the best service possible so we rather do installations of your new antenna on top of your roof.

Fixed price!

Yes, you did read this right. We do have a fixed price and do not charge you extra for things like a mast, mount and splitter, these are all including our quoted pricing.

Unfortunately the antenna industry is not regulated, so any unlicensed handyman can call themselves an antenna installer. Some of these people are also uninsured. Imagine you want to sit back and relax after a long day of work and a water leak appears on the ceiling above you because the antenna installation is creating a leak into your roof. You do not want the headache dealing with the unlicensed installer or have other building trades around your living area once the insurance takes over.

Wall mount TV

Another question we get often asked is “Can you mount my TV on the wall?”

Yes, we do that too, and can supply the right quality bracket to support your TV correct.

Part of the installation is always the powerpoint behind the TV and the extra TV cable up to the splitter. Again for a fixed price.

Additional service can be installing HDMI cables through the wall using brushed plates for a neat finish and no unsightly cords hanging along. Same with installing a data cable to your TV so your Smart TV has the best connection possible.

So yes, we do install antennas in Virginia. We also install antennas in Angle Vale, Andrews Farm, Munno Para, Two Wells plus the northern suburbs as well as metro Adelaide.

If you are unsure about a service, we are only a phone call away.

GESA Electrical is experienced to install the right antenna on your roof and carries more than adequate insurance if the unfortunate happens. We are established since 2005 and in the electrical game since 1987. That is a lot of experience.

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