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TV point installs

Antenna and TV point installs

One of our clients asked us to install a CCTV security camera system at their new house in Virginia. Standard work for us really.

We found a TV plate near the modem in the lounge and thought it may be a far better finish if we put our internet plug into the same plate, so we took the plate off.

Were we surprised by what we found there. 

Whoever installed their TV cabling must have never heard of a proper crimping tool. 

Fair to say the frayed end is what we found, the proper end is how it should be done.

The ends of the cable were frayed and just floating around in mid-air. The crimping part of the F-type connector was squished together with a pair of pliers. Let’s not forget, if one of the strands of the other shield touches the inner core of the cable, there goes your TV reception. This person had no pride in their work.
Which brings me on who would have possibly done this? And left it with the intention of it to be ok.
Unfortunately the TV industry is not really regulated and anyone can call themselves a “TV point and antenna installer”.
Reality is, there is a number of things to consider when you install TV cabling and antennas.
Is it the right cable? Is it the right splitter? Is the antenna suitable for the area? Has there installer been properly trained and used the right tools?
It pays to ask these questions.
Ask for references, check out if the installer has done this type of work before.
Ask your friends, family, even social media is used these days for recommendations. Please remember, if the recommendation comes from an unknown source (like social media), ask above questions and check out previous work.
There is lots of great tradies out there and many electricians know how to install TV points also. Yet there is also cowboys.

Antennas not done right

Above picture is a great example on how NOT to install an antenna.

Where from here?

If you have any questions in regards to antennas, TV points or other electrical queries here in the north of Adelaide, may it be Virginia, Angle Vale, Two Wells or the surroundings, please shoot us a message on request_booking

Happy to assist.