pool safety

electricity and water does not mix. Learn about electrical safety while enjoying a swim. 

Have GESA conduct a safety check if you are unsure.


Smoke Alarms

Households should replace their old smoke alarms with photoelectric alternatives, according to the Fire and Rescue Services.Why?Photoelectric alarms provide earlier warning for fires that are slow burning or smoldering. They can also detect a wide variety of fires....
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February 11, 2018

How well do you know your smoke alarm

DID YOU KNOW? Most smoke alarms have a life expectancy of 10 years. DID YOU KNOW  It is recommended to test your smoke alarm weekly? WHAT SHALL I DO NOW?  Maintaining a smoke alarm is more than just changing the battery and testing the alarm with a stick ...
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1) Safety Switches Safety switches (RCDs) prevent electrocution in the event of an electrical fault. They cut the power within a fraction of a second when needed. Safety switches must be installed by an electrical contractor and tested every six months using the test button....
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GESA now also provides an annual service for the testing of smoke alarms and safety switches (RCDs) in all domestic, commercial and industrial situations. This will protect e.g. landlords, and their investment and tenants.Smoke alarm maintenance is governed by both State and...
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