TV point installs

One of our clients asked us to install a CCTV security camera system at their new house in Virginia. Standard work for us really. We found a TV plate near the modem in the lounge and thought it mayRead more

Why not every camera system is the same

There are so many cameras and systems on the market today. How do you choose the right one for you? Let us give you a bit of a guide on camera lenses. Read more

10 questions to ask before hiring an electrician

Here at GESA we know that you want value for your money when hiring any kind of tradesperson, and that’s why we encourage our clients to ask questions, you deserve to know what your spend yourRead more

Electrical Maintenance

Let’s face it. How often do you go to the doctors for checkup? How often do you service your car? Yet, how often do you service/checkup your electrical? Nearly everything you buy these days hasRead more

Antenna Install Virginia

The other day we got asked if we do antenna installations in Virginia?  The answer was of course yes. Being the local electrician, we know the area very well and have installed numerous antennas inRead more

Feeling Safe About Hiring an Electrician

Do you have electrical work that needs doing in your home in Adelaide but feel uneasy about hiring an electrician that you don’t know? Or have you had a bad experience with a previous electrician rRead more

How safe is your electrical switchboard?

The electrical system in your home or at work is made up of complex circuits and wiring that connects all your devices and fittings to the main switchboard. With nearly everything we buy these daysRead more

Award Winners

GESA is the proud award winner for the Domestic Project Of The Year. Our loyal clients have urged us to nominate for the project of the year after having a great experience during their recentRead more

Why use GESA Electrical

Great prices,  with no surprises Being in the electrical game for over 30 years, we have a good idea what is involved in a job. This allows us to give you a pretty accurate estimate over theRead more

Electrical safety around pools

Is Your Pool Electrical Safe? Electric shock is a danger that you cannot see, hear or smell. And it is even more dangerous around water. Electrical dangers in and around the pool can result in electRead more

What To Ask Your Sparkie

Outsourcing sites grow in popularity and so do offers of cash work in closed social media pages. There are lots of unlicensed people out there trying to make some extra cash, especially in the northeRead more

Northern Suburbs Electrician

Northern Suburbs ElectricianDo you need a Northern Suburbs Electrician? Maybe you need some re-wiring, power points, home automation, a CCTV security system, commercial electrical upgrades orRead more
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