Test and Tag

As well as the requirement for RCD testing AS/NZS 3760:2010 and the Workplace Health & Safety Code SA also requires the testing of electrical equipment in the workplace. Regulation 150 of Workplace Health & Safety Code SA states “A person conducting a business must ensure that the electrical equipment is regularly inspected and tested by a competent person if the electrical equipment is:
  • supplied with electricity through an electrical socket (plug-in equipment) and
  • used in an environment in which its normal use exposes the equipment tom operating conditions that are likely to result in damage to the equipment or a reduction in its expected life span. This includes conditions that involve exposing the electrical equipment to moisture, heat, vibration, mechanical damage, corrosive chemicals and dust.”

What is Testing & Tagging?

Testing and tagging is the process by which an electrical appliance undergoes a visual inspection and an electrical safety test with a portable appliance tester to ensure it safe to use in the work place.

What we do

  • Safety inspection and testing using our portable appliance tester of all your electrical appliances and devices
  • Visual inspection for damage especially to the insulation
  • Test there is no electrical insulation leakage
  • Complete an earth circuit test
  • Print and attach a Tag to the appliance or device stating the date of testing, name of the company who carried out the testing, the outcome of the testing, the retest date and the serial number
  • Produce and asset register in electronic or hard copy format

How often do they need to be tested?

The frequency at which you need to complete appliance testing and tagging will be dependent upon the type of work environment. The below table outlines how often your electrical appliances should be tested and tagged. Depending on the environment some items eg office kitchens will need to be tested every 6 months whilst other items such as fixed PC’s in an office only need to be tagged every 5 years.

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